Tilia Tree

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TILIA TREE is about KT Lindemann and a number of Facebook conversations we had about art and sadness. I wrote it in my bed in the winter/spring of 2014. Many of the lines were said by one of us to the other at some point. As such, these lyrics were unofficially co-written by her.


If you ever catch me thinking that art might not be worth anything
Then strip away my instrument and lay me down to rest
Someday you’ll get better stuff if you think you need better stuff
But right now all the stuff you’ve got is good to keep around

I tell you to never stop as if you could ever stop
Put on your winter shoes because it’s fucking cold outside

Oh oh, you know that you know
People who have come and who will go
To war with their own minds
And people who will create lines
Of thought and emotion and utter devotion
To what makes us human, an honest illusion
There’s people who care and there’s people who write
And you’ve got your feet planted firmly in both camps

If I ever catch you thinking that you might not be worth anything
I don’t think I’ll have to tell you that you’re wrong, because I think you’ll know you knew it all along
But I’ll be damned if I will let you waste that opportunity
To create something beautiful, if nothing else, do it for me

I see potential in your mind for lyrics down the road
You need to know that that’s because your mind is fucking beautiful

Oh oh, the people I know
Have always been the kind of people
Who put their worries in a song or a lockbox
Or I’ve got a rockbox and it stays with me
Whenever I need it and often I need it
I now you need something but something is open
To being any something a thing could be
I promise you’ll find it, and if not, who needs it?

"the venn diagram of people I know who write songs and people I know who have struggled with mental health is basically a circle”
-Kt Lindemann, 2014


from About For, released October 6, 2014




Zed Los Angeles, California

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