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CARABINEER is about Sydney Long and how at any given time I will admire in any given way. I wrote it in my bed at 2 in the morning when I loved her a little bit too much. I reference many songs from her band “Dr. Wild-Things’ Edible Circus”, as well as the song “Holding Onto You” by Twenty One Pilots. This is the song that is responsible for me recording this whole album. It is now living with 8 Bit Johnson, and couldn’t be happier.


I need a breather, keep myself together with a little carabineer
Have you seen her? ‘Cause I’ve been searching my life for someone to hide away from
As soon as this song is done I’m gone, ‘cause everybody needs to sleep every now and then
Rest on a pillow, blanket on top, try to keep it quiet but the brain won’t stop
‘Cause the brain has the main gameplan and I hate to burst your bubble, sorry, pop
I’m always on the run and I’m running out the clock, and I do appreciate that we were gifted with thought
So I try to be the guy who asks why and I know we’ll never find it but I still gotta try
I need a breather, do you know what you’re doing? Me neither
Let’s sit and talk about it if you’re not too busy tonight
Yeah, I think that I might, do you think that’s alright?
Oh please check yes for me, that’d be hella tight

Let me fall asleep on you for the first time since the first time
It’s always sounder with you round me and I don’t think I’d have it any other way
No sir, no way

It’s been a long day, but then every day feels long these days
Oh won’t you stay with me oh can’t you see that I can’t sleep
I don’t need you to rescue me just sit and sing to me, ‘cause I can’t sleep I can’t sleep
I’m sorry if I got a little crude with you I’d probably do it different if I knew just what to do with you
I’ll take my time if time is what takes, but I am tapping out the seconds while my patience breaks
I know that I am never gonna see myself as better but I swear to god that every day I try to knit a sweater
A sweater? A sweater. A sweater made of tears. A sweater made of fabric. A sweater made of fears.
The sweater represents everything that I love, so I curl up inside, because it fits like a glove
Alright, okay, okay, alright, I think I may, I think I might, but I don’t know if I am right so I will let the night decide for me
Shooting stars adore me, I’d love to see another if you’ve got the time to just breath

Just breath, just breath with me, oh please x6
Try me out, Breath with me now


from About For, track released September 2, 2014




Zed Los Angeles, California

This is just, like, my opinion, you know?


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