You're the Pete Best

from by Zed

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YOU’RE THE PETE BEST is about William White, my muse, my love, my best friend, my bandmate, my partner in crime. I wrote it when I had no idea how else to tell him how much I love him. I didn’t understand that he already knew. I reference a song by Yikes!Baribeau, I don’t care enough to recall which one.


Art is fucking fascinating, when you sit and think about it
Art is fucking condensating beads of sweat across your eyeballs
Do your best to wipe them off if you want to, I would never stop you
Just make sure to clean yourself because nobody likes a dirty asshole

Self-referentialism is not a common term
But terms and commonality are not important to your work

You are fucking fascinating, talented, and demonstrating
The power that will can bring, a human’s right to sing
Maybe writing isn’t right, maybe we’re wrong and that’s alright
I just love being with you in that part of the morning where we aren’t sure if it’s still last night

It’s looking to be really hot out, and I don’t like the heat
But at least we’ll have our intellects, our instruments on the corner of the street

You said “I’m moving out, but I’m not moving on”
Except I stole that line from someone else’s stupid song
Your stupid songs are honest and that’s worth the fucking risk
Honesty is all that you can do and if there’s only one thing you can do you better fucking do it

I know it sounds like I’m behind you all the way
But I’m not, I’m right here with you which is pretty fucking great
I can see your beauty better than the color of your vest
That was cheesy, and this will be cheesy, but you’re the fucking best


from About For, released October 6, 2014




Zed Los Angeles, California

This is just, like, my opinion, you know?


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