The Night We Shaved Our Heads

from by Zed

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THE NIGHT WE SHAVED OUR HEADS is about KT Lindemann and Isaac Smolund and all of my friends and the good times we have had together. I wrote it in my bed a few days after I shaved my hair into a mohawk with Andrew Sletten and Mitch Hancock.


I need to know that you’re okay
Without some confirmation I will never make it through the night
I think about you a whole lot because thinking about you makes me happy
Everybody’s got someone who thinks about them cause it makes them happy
If I told you I’d be lost without you, would you get it?
If something wants to makes you happy then you better fucking let it
You can’t talk me out a sinkhole, but I’ll let you pull me up a little bit
That’s all that anyone can do

There are so many things to be loved there’s no way that anyone can love all of them
But if you want to try, the things in front of you are a pretty good place to start
I hope you’ve learned your lesson, know that you are less than perfect
But with perfection comes a big depressing lack of growth
I know that’s not what you want because that’s not what anybody wants
Work your way closer and closer to what you think the perfect human should be
But be content in knowing you create some awesome things
You write your songs the way that humans talk and that’s something worth some admiration

Come on over to my place tonight
You and all our closest friends
Will shave our heads in the bathroom
We’ll dance to Eifel 65
We’ll laugh like we did when we were children
We’ll laugh like we will when we are famous
People will pay us for our creations
We’ll scream from our bedrooms and tell our roommates
Stick a moustache on the TV
Watch some stupid comedy movie
Nothing’s better than a stupid movie
I maintain that really, truly


from About For, track released September 4, 2014




Zed Los Angeles, California

This is just, like, my opinion, you know?


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