Dear Friend, Help Me Out

from by Zed

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DEAR FRIEND, HELP ME OUT is about a good conversation I had with KT Lindemann in my living room about growth and travel. I wrote it in the UMM Briggs Library Archives while I was supposed to be working but Andrew Jackson Jihad’s “Sad Songs” made me write this instead. The songs are almost identical and I don’t care.


I can tell you how I'm feeling once I figure myself out
But unless I am creative, I don't know what I'm about
Well, Sean Bonnette had a mentor, maybe I should get one too
Maybe progress comes from learning something new

It's so hard to find a balance between modesty and talent
But I need it 'cause I hate being a dick
I like to think I have good taste, I try to never let a brain cell go to waste
Except for when I drink cheap whiskey with my friends

So help me out, 'cause I could use some help right now
I don't know how to get the evil in me out
I could do it on my own if I really wanted to
But I'd much rather tough it out with you

If I go to the beginning, maybe I could write a song
I'm sick of spinning bullshit lyrics about how every chord is wrong
If I piece myself together, I'm afraid I'll lose my creative spark
But who the fuck said happy can't make art?

I know that oh so many people are afraid of getting hurt
But hurting oh so many people scares the shit out of me
Maybe I'm too self-judgemental, but I know I've got potential
To destroy you and the things that you believe


from About For, released October 6, 2014




Zed Los Angeles, California

This is just, like, my opinion, you know?


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